• dir. Oscar hudson

JOY IN PEOPLE (dir. Oscar Hudson)


Where there's people there's joy. Where's more people there's more joy.

A short piece of docu-fiction about happiness, nations & massive football crowds.

Covertly filmed amid the very real crowds of the European Football Championships 2016.


S.O.T.W.- "Short Of The Year" (Winner)
Vimeo "Best Of The Year" (Nominee)
Rotterdam International Film Festival [IFFR] 2018 (AUDIENCE AWARD WINNER)
Carbonia Film Festival 2018 (WINNER)
BFI London Film Festival 2017 (PREMIER)
Winterthur Kurzfilmtage 2018 ("Audience Favourite")
LSFF 2018
Heart Of Gold FF 2018
Short Waves Poland 2018
Favourites FF 2018
This Is England FF 2018
Tenerife Shorts 2018 (Closing Film)
Verin ISFF 2018

Featuring - Merry Colchester

Writer/Director - Oscar Hudson
Producer - Callum Harrison
D.P. - Ruben Woodin Dechamps
French Production Assistant - Anna Teffaud
Sound Recordist & Mix- Luke David Harris
Colourist- Toby Tomkins
Production Company- BAD

Also Featuring:
Roli Okorodudu, Jason Newell, Sam McPhillips, James Lorimer, Taveknier Jeremy, Jacques Nourel, Romain Parent, Roobah Stephane, Jesus Acevedo Alejandro Cedeno